Maumee State Park, Oregon, Ohio

I left off right before we got to Maumee State Park in Ohio.  It’s right on Lake Erie and has a marsh/wetland ecosystem with a gorgeous nature trail.  The day and a half we stayed here deserves its own post.

Our campground was about 1.5 miles from the beach, so we decided to hike it. It was a nice, paved, shaded trail, that went past a small stocked pond, that was open to kids 16 and under for catch and release fishing. DSC03777.JPG

Right after the pond, we saw The Big Hill (yes, that’s is name). Of course, there was a path up The Big Hill and guess who wanted to climb it?DSC03779.JPG

So up we go…DSC03783.JPG

The view from the top was actually really nice, especially when we realized it cut a mile off the hike to the lake!

DSC03785.JPGDSC03792.JPGThe lake was refreshing but a little slimy and you could see two power plants in the distance (you can’t see the nuclear one in this photo, but it’s right about where the water spot on the lens is, to the right of the traditional power plant).DSC03810.JPGAnd the obligatory photo of Ear-y the bear at Lake Erie


The next day, we ended up at the Nature Center (thanks to a small snafu with potable vs gray vs black vs non-potable water definitions). The Nature Center had a small lab with live and taxidermied animals.


Then, we hit the trail.

DSC03882.JPGDSC03888.JPGSince it was a marsh, we found some of my old friend Purple Loosestrife (I did my master’s thesis on this pretty, yet invasive plant) DSC03892.JPG

We hiked up to an observation deck and got a great view over the marsh grass

DSC03900.JPGDSC03902.JPGOn the hike back, we saw a few critters including two baby white tail deer that were actually walking under the boardwalk at a few points.



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