The first few days – Marlborough, MA to Canton, OH

Ok, we’ve been home for a week and I just realized that we still haven’t posted any real photos or filled in a lot of the gaps that the lack of cell signal and, honestly, just exhaustion at the end of the day, created.  So, I’m going to try to catch up by going through the 10,000 or so photos and a few hours of GoPro video and do a few days per update.  There will be lots of pictures in the posts!

Every morning we took a picture, like the one you see at the top. That way we knew where we were, what day it was and where we were going. Don’t laugh, I had to check the spreadsheet most days! 🙂

Our first day in PA was just a quiet campsite (you can see us at the end of the road on the right). We had s’mores, caught fireflies, watched bats catch fireflies (kinda cool and sad at the same time, but when there’s no mosquitos, they’ve got to eat something).DSC03624.JPGDSC03628.JPGThen we drove to Ohio, stayed in Marlboro Township! There were some nice sunsets over the farms.

DSC03647.JPGThis was when we realized the dog “sticker” on the door looked so realistic that people were stopping to look at it.  We named him Giggles, since after realizing he wasn’t real, there was laughter.


In Ohio, our first stop was the Football Hall of Fame. I wasn’t expecting much, but I really enjoyed it! There were a lot of interactive exhibits, and some really interesting history.DSC03653.JPGDSC03656.JPGDSC03658.JPGWhen the boys see an open football field, this was bound to happen! They didn’t even have a ball (yet)DSC03670.JPGIt’s hard to read Brian’s shirt, but it says “You’re a cheetah” and “Dude, quit lion”. So… yeah… #FreeBrady

DSC03682.JPGThey even had the audio in the helmets!

Todd and I had the opportunity to “rewrite” history as well.

DSC03727.JPGTodd fixed 2007

DSC03729.JPGWhile I fixed 1991!

We camped that night at Maumee State Park on Lake Erie, but that deserves it’s own post!


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