DeCruzing 2016 By the Numbers!

40 days

4 Time Zones

27 states

8514 miles

But what about the interesting stuff?

Where We Went

19 National Parks (including Historic Parks, Monuments, Memorials, Battlefields, etc.)

14 State/County Parks

7 National Forests

4 Native American lands

The Elements

0 Sunburns!

0 Bug Spray Needed!

1 Storm during site seeing (but it was a doozy!)

5 Wildfires

Hottest Temperature: 107 – Zion Park, Utah

Hottest Temperature Index: 110 – San Antonio and Houston, Texas

Coldest Temperature: 37 – Yellowstone Park, Utah

Hottest Water Swam in >103.5 – Natural hot spring, Thermopolis, WY

Coldest Water Swam in: 45 – Colorado River, Page, AZ


240 Miles Walked/Hiked

24 Junior Ranger Badges per child

55 Alcoholic Drinks

4 Ice Cream Trips

2 Movies

1 Hour of TV

12 Roadside Attractions


1 Clinic Visit (Brian)

2 Allergy Attacks (both Todd!)

3 Bandaids (Brian and Todd)

1 Burn (again, Todd!)

2 Minor Injuries (Todd and Brian!)


1 Water Bottle

3 Sunglasses

1 Lens Cap


1 Pulled Over

1 Parking Ticket

4 Siri Misdirections


8 Loads of Laundry

11 Walmart Runs (plus 1 Target, 1 grocery store, 1 farmer’s market)

17 Visits to a Dump Station

8.1 mpg

16 Asked “So, how do you like the rental?”



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