Captian’s Log Road Date 39.20

A fitting sunset over the fields of Lancaster, PA, the final port of the USS aRVoh.  Tomorrow my galant crew and I will undertake the final 300+ mile travel leg of our journey as we return to our home port.  It has been a long amazing journey of over 8000 miles and the USS aRVoh has served us well.  She has made it at warp 8.0 down the long stretches of highway in places like Wyoming and the oil fields of Texas.   She has stuggled at times with the twists and turns and steep grades of places like Bighorn Sheep National Forest and the Mountains of West Virginia, but has not faultered.   She has even ventured into some urban areas like Houston, TX and more recently Norfolk, VA and come out unscathed.   She has been more than just a vessel.  She has served as our home for the last six weeks and she will be missed as we return her to Rental Port to get refitted for her next captain’s journey.  I’m sure when I resume piloting my smaller shuttle it will seem eriely quiet as over the last 39 days I have become accustomed to the roar of the USS aRVoh’s engines and her various creaks, knocks and rattles.


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