Captain’s Log 0025.20

The last two and a half weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, much of which has been dipping in and out of communications range.    We have also been sucked deep into a Vacation Time-Space Vortex where calendar dates and days of the week hold little to no meaning.  Our sense of time is now counted by destinations, miles to be traveled and activities.  The USS aRVoh has certainly not been idle as we have pushed on and successfully made our four day East/West coast summit in Yellowstone for peace talks with Grand Ambassador Cole of the Hudsons and his entourage of Chief Medical Officer Beth and the grizzled, war veteran General “the King” George.  

Having a better feel for the controls of our intrepid vessel and far from the congested travel ways of the East our encounters with the 18 wheeled Battlecruisers are far more manageable and have been limited to far fewer roads as our journey has taken us off the commercial byways.  However, out in the vastness of the western reaches, sudden gusts of wind are a clear and present danger as the USS aRVoh acts like a sail and our course can be abruptly and curse-ladenly adjusted with little to no warning.   The Walmartians maintain a strong presence in even the more remote regions and we have made use of their trading posts regularly.   We had to make one minor repair to replace the wiper blades as one met its demise during a sudden rain shower, but beyond one quart of oil and the constant burning of fuel the USS aRVoh has preformed well.   She has struggled a bit with rapid changes of elevation, but she holds her own and the tow/haul setting with the engine brake and cruise control have helped a lot.   On the long stretches of road out west I have gotten her top speed up to warp 8.0 and the first time she seemed to be ready to fly apart at the seams but after a few times I have become accustomed to the new rattles and shimmies of her max speed.

Personal Log: I have missed my Kuerig caffeine replicator, but have been making due with the 10 cup brewer we stowed along.  It has taken some time and there are still some programming and ratio errors, but I usually have a passable caffeine ration ready each morning.


One thought on “Captain’s Log 0025.20

  1. Yes, the summit was a successful one. We look forward to another o e, soon! Grand Ambassador Cole says hello as well.


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