Captain’s Log Road Date 0007.22

Over the last two days the  USS aRVoh has travelled another 600+ miles away from the main intergalactic trade route and entered into the demilitarized Midwest rural zone where the 18 Wheel Battlecruisers are becoming less and less common.  Although the Walmartians continue to show strength with their omnipresent trading outposts, their War Wagons have not been seen in some time.  The FedExorans and UPorgS Armadas have all but disappeared and only the occasional scout ship can be seen.   Our probe into the urban star of Chicago, which went in via the commuter rail route two days ago was very successful.  We were able to meet up with a “Philly” as Ensign Brian fondly refers to him as and sample a great number of sights and sample the one and only deep dish pizza.  

Yesterday we took a brief excursion to the shores of Lake Michigan in the morning before heading out on the road again.  If it wasn’t for the fact it was fresh water, one would be hard pressed to not believe this was an actual ocean beach with the 2-3 foot swells.  We also transversed a particularly large dune with a steep path on the backside aptly named The Devil’s Slide that sucked the life force from those foolish enough to go down and have to come back up.

Today, once again we started the day with a brief excursion to another landmark body of water in this sector, the Mississippi River.  Our port for the evening the night before was right on it’s banks and before heading out again we took a dip in the small swimming area.  Commander N. DeCruz kept an alert eye out from the shore as there was evidence of life beneath the waters while the Ensigns and I explored.  

The road today was surrounded by immense nutrient mining operations which stretched as far as the eye could see with two main varieties, soy and corn.  Massive three fingered entities swirled above the landscape as well and on several occasions converged into large herds.  We took a brief detour off the plotted route to check out a distress call in Iowa at one of the large mining operations before continuing on and finding our port for the night.  


One thought on “Captain’s Log Road Date 0007.22

  1. Hi gang glad to see you are enjoying the trip, brings back memories of our trips, glad you got the bug, it will be something you will always remember, happy memories.

    love dad and jan


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