Crew Log Trip Date 0005.20

Our fearless captain has been pushed beyond his limit and was not able to enter the captain’s log prior to sleep. The entire crew has banded together for the summary of the Chicago away mission

Ok, back to normal storytelling. 

We woke up super bright and early today, to catch the 7:08 into the city. It was only a 2 mile walk to the train station, on a nicely wooded path with suicidal slug leaping out of the trees at us. One scared the bajeezus out of Mom when it landed on her calf. Dad found a second hitchhiker on her leg when we disembarked in Chicago. 

Once in the city, we checked out Soldiers’ Field and then went to the Field Museum. Sue practically greeted us. We saw evolution, rocks and gems, DNA sequencing in the general admission section, plus we went to some cool extra exhibits. 

Brian’s favorite was Exploring Underground. They pretended to shrink you to insect size. Brian was 1/2″ tall. They had an earwig defending her nest. Whenever you walked by, she would snap at you if you got too close to her nest. It scared the bajeezus out of Brian two times! There was a person behind a big fake tarantula that wasn’t working trying to fix it. 

We saw the Chinese terra cotta warriors exhibit. It was cool and weird. They had some of the statues from China. Pete’s favorite was the horse and Brian’s favorite were the standing and kneeling archers, and the horse.

We also saw a cool 3-D movie about Dino Sue. 

Then, we met up with Phil! He took us to have real Chicago pizza. Pete, mom and dad all loved it. Brian enjoyed chicken fingers, due to the extreme levels of sauce. Then we went on a walking tour of Chicago. Phil told us a lot about the architecture and was probably better than any paid tour. Pete and mom both liked the Monadnock Building. Phil told us it was the first tall building in Chicago and mom said that makes sense since Monadnock means “lonely mountain” (note: not The Lonely Mountain). Brian enjoyed playing Pokemon Go and the Bean statue as well as the new playground near the water. (Note: if you’re in Chicago, the Bean is a Poke Gym). 

We finally made it back to the train and showed Phil a new station. In his defense, it is fairly stealthily located. 

Overall, we walked about 13 miles. Doesn’t count towards our mileage count. More photos when we figure out how to get them off the Capt’s camera. 


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