Captain’s Log Road Date 0004.21

The last two days we have travelled down the intergalactic I-80 trade route.   The sheer volume of commerce upon this route is staggering.   The FedExorans and the UPorgS control this sector utterly and completely and their massive Armadas are almost always in sight.  Even the brash Walmartians are wise enough to give them a wide berth and tend to stay confined to the omnipresent Walmartian Trade Outposts. 

Earlier in the day, the crew of the USS aRVoh embarked on an away mission to the Maumee State Park Nature Center and Boardwalk.   The atmosphere was an oppressive high 80s, but our trek had plenty of shade and there was a nice breeze that whispered over the tall stalks of vegetation.  Some ancient non-profit, educational race had installed an elevated boardwalk that meandered about 2 miles through a White Oak Forest and Swamp.  Ensign Peter and Brian bravely led the mission into the unknown and Ensign Brian helped document a visual log of the mission.  At the end there was a small outpost with a clear view of the massive inner land sea, Lake Erie.   For the most part the mission was uneventful, however, about halfway through we rounded a corner and came face to face with death itself.  Starring back at us with their blood thirsty eyes was a pair of the dreaded, carnivorous White Tailed Deer.  Fortunately, for us, they were merely fawns and had not developed their taste for flesh yet.   However, in numbers, even the young have spelt doom for many an away mission.

The USS aRVoh had a minor wheel malfunction.  A routine inspection discovered one of the dual passenger side rear landing gear was severely under inflated, but this appears to be something that was perhaps overlooked at Rental Dock as once it was properly inflated it seems to be holding steady.  However, this is something engineering will have to keep an eye on as get deeper into our mission.  Engineering also made a error today filling the DiHydrogen Oxide tanks from the wrong hose at the RV maintenance station.   In Rental Dock we had been informed not to consume the DiHydrogen Oxide from the onboard tanks (for this exact reason), however, there was some confusion as to what was acceptable to fill and use for washing.  A helpful official from the park staff clarified this for us and suggested we flush the entire tank, refill from the correct supply and add in some Sodium hypochlorite as a precaution.   This was not an entirely bad thing as Engineering’s  error led us to spend more time in the region and embark upon this morning’s away mission.   

We did encounter a disruption to the space time continum shortly before we pulled into port this evening.  There was a blinding flash and the entire vessel shook violently for several minutes as we spun through a prismatic vortex.  Once we were able to get all systems back online a full analysis revealed that the USS aRVoh has jumped backwards in time by exactly one hour.   Our current port has us in the orbit of a large urban star, Chicago.   Tomorrow we will launch a probe to study this urban star.  One particular region, that has been named the Field Museum, seems like a good area of focus to begin scanning.


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