Ensign’s Personal Log. Trip Date 0003.21

Guest post by Ensign Peter about the Football Hall of Fame

I enjoyed the football hall of fame. It was cool seeing the bronze heads of the hall of fame players. They didn’t have 2016 up yet but I knew Brett Farve. Mom said there were announcers that I know but I didn’t see them. 

At the beginning, there was a history of football. You could watch the video screens for football with each commissioner. 

In the statistics section, they had the records of every team. I only looked at the Patriots, but it was neat. In that room, they had helmets and shoulder pads to try on and I fit inside a player’s leg. That was really weird! 

I got to design a Super Bowl ring. I made it for the Patriots for next year. Mom made a ring for the Bills in 1990, when they lost to the Giants.  Dad made a Patriots ring for 2007 when they lost to the Giants. I understand why they hate the Giants so much now!

My favorite part was the Super Bowl theater. It showed how the Broncos won the Super Bowl. The theater showed the post season then turned to a new screen and showed the Super Bowl. The turn surprised me and mom even jumped. 

They had about 4 or 5 Tom Brady jerseys and a display about the Patriots dynasty. 

At the gift shop, there were pennants with the names of Hall of Famers by team. At first, mom thought it was Super Bowls they had won, but then I pointed out that the Bills had a pennant, so it couldn’t be. 

The football hall of fame was interesting and I think you should visit it if you like football. 

And as required, here are the daily ship log


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