Day 1: Marlborough, MA to Montgomery, PA

No real excitement yet, as it was mainly a “driving” day. Some highlights 

  1. The campsite is loaded with fireflies. I haven’t see this many since I was a kid. The boys are having a blast catching them
  2. The boys were able to get 20 states, DC and 3 Canadian provinces in the license plate game 
  3. The roof vent above the cab rattles, but only when you’re going over 35. So totally not an issue on the interstate since the engine mostly drowns it out. Especially up hill. 
  4. The bottom drawer doesn’t stay shut. That was discovered somewhere on the Mass Pike. 
  5. My snazzy shelving system (see yesterday post) collapsed. I’m seriously bummed about this! 
  6. We saw geese, deer, a woodpecker, cows and horses. And backpacker on the Appalachian Trail 
  7. Pete Gabriel’s “in your eyes” when played at a low volume, sounds like a faint warning beep. This would not be that much of an issue, unless it happens 0.1 miles from your exit and then miss the exit looking for the source of the alarm. 

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