Day 0

Day 0 – Pickup. Tyngsboro to Marlborough. 

Well, we’ve got her! And she’s packed up!

We were running early, and that totally worked out as we were home with the RV about an hour before we expected to be. The flurry of activity over the next 4 hours resulted in this:

That would be our food pantry. 

And this 

The best part about this has got to be the snazzy hanging shelves I got in the Target discount bins. 

We did continue to pack up. Pretty much, all we have left is fridge/freezer groceries that we’re picking up tomorrow before we leave. 

The boys were less than impressed with today. It was “too much work” 😉


4 thoughts on “Day 0

  1. Awesome!! Tell ’em it’s a lot of work but nice relaxing times are coming plus I’m sure mom was doing most of the work lol. 👍😉😊


  2. Isn’t this how horror movies start out? The trivial things that seem like nothing when the zombies are attacking the side of the RV!! Have a great time!


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