Final Countdown

Final Countdown @Todd DeCruz

Alrighty, we’re 2 weeks out (9 working days, 13 calendar days, to be precise), and we’re going through the final check list. Camping on Mount Monadnock this weekend helped, for example: Brian’s shoes must be sprayed daily, if we’re going to allowed them off his feet and in the RV at the same time.  Cooking in the Dutch Oven was easier and better than we expected, but harder to clean. Permethrin clothing spray is pretty awesome. Pants that have removable legs to become shorts are even more awesome.

As part of the check list, I’m checking to see if when I post this, it’ll automatically post to Facebook. So, yeah, we’ll see how this works. I’m guessing the complicated part will be tagging Todd in it, so it’ll appear in his feed as well. 

So, if you got this far, I need your help. Please like (or react) to this post to let me know it’s visible!  And we’ll see you from the road 🙂


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