Almost Finalize Itinerary

Well, we’re about 4 months out, and as I mentioned on Facebook, we’ve made all of the “We have to stay at this campground” reservations.  I’ve been using for a lot of planning, plus just old school Excel (yep, once an engineer…). The picture is a screen shot of the map with our 35 major way points.  Anyway, here’s the basic plan of what we’re doing and where we’re staying:

1.     PA

2.     Canton, OH

3.     Football Hall of Fame, then stay on the shores of Lake Erie, OH

4.     Indiana Sand Dunes on Lake Michigan, IN

5.     Chicago (Field Museum – just a commuter rail ride from Indiana and the train station is walking distance from our campground)

6.     Wisconsin or Minnesota

7.     Minnesota or South Dakota

8.     Badlands! And their night sky program, SD

9.     More Badlands, maybe Mount Rushmore, SD

10.     Mount Rushmore (option 2) then somewhere in Wyoming

11.     Yellowstone

12.     Yellowstone

13.     Yellowstone

14.     Yellowstone

15.     Antelope Island in the middle of Great Salt Lake, UT

16.     Fremont Indian State Park and their Petroglyphs, UT

17.     Zion, UT

18.     More Zion, UT

19.     Grand Canyon (our campsite is a mile from the rim!!!)

20.     Grand Canyon (set alarm for pre-dawn!)

21.     Grand Canyon

22.     Petrified Forest, AZ 

23.     White Sands, NM

24.     Roswell, NM

25.     Carlsbad Caverns, NM

26.     West Texas

27.     San Antonio

28.     Houston

29.     Space Center

30.     Texarkana (it’s a real place! We’re not sure where we’re staying yet, but somewhere in this area)

31.     Crater of Diamonds State Park Arkansas

32.     Tennessee

33.     Stay near Mammoth Caves, KY

34.     See Mammoth Caves, KY 

35.     Great Smokey Mountains, VA

36.     Roanoke, VA

37.     Harper’s Ferry (we’re bringing a picture of their bell that’s in our town) and Gettysburg, PA

38.     More Gettysburg

39.     PA

40.     Home

Yep, there are days with a LOT of driving, and there are days with a LOT of walking. Oh, and I’m assuming the weather is going to be 75 and sunny every day, right? It’s not like we’re going to the desert in July.  Oh, wait… 

 So, by the numbers: 1 city, 2 Great Lakes (3ish? Great Salt Lake does have the word “great” in its name!), 5 state parks, 12 national parks/monuments/battlefields/historic site/shore line, driving through about 20 states (Brian has asked if we can stop for lunch in Iowa since we’re driving 10 miles away from the border in Minnesota, so it maybe 21) and staying overnight in 14 or so. It’s about 7000 miles and 122 hours of driving.

Any bets on how many times Todd and I hear “are we there yet?”


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