We Picked an RV!

We went to the local Cruise America location yesterday, it’s about a 45 minute drive.  We were hoping to see both the 25′ and 30′ RVs, but, unfortunately, the one 25′ they had in stock was on it way out with a couple from Amsterdam.  We may have freaked them out by trying to look in it while they were packing it up, but it’s all good.

We did get to look in the 30′ ones, and see all of the dings, scratches, dents and even a missing utility cover on one of them.  Todd looked like I had asked him to drive a semi-truck across country.  The interiors were nice, clean but, in the end, we did decide to go with the 25 footer.  The wheels are closer together and it just looks more maneuverable.  The only downside is that Todd, being over 6 feet, will have to sleep in the upper bed, since the foot of the bed in the back of the RV is up against the kitchen counter.

If you want to check out our “home away from home” for next summer, here it is!


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