First Reservations are Made!

We’re starting to lock this trip in!  We’ve made our reservations for Yellowstone and Grand Canyon. I managed to confuse all my Facebook friends with my poor wording (I booked the spots, not the campgrounds were fully booked!)  We just need to figure out what size RV we want (25 or 30 footer) and wait till January to book the next round of campgrounds.

Honestly, it probably worked out better that the Utah parks are only on a 6 month reservation cycle. I’m thinking that we may want to go to Zion instead of Arches.  We were aiming towards Arches, so we could hit The Four Corners Monument. Which is cool, but kinda kitchy at the same time.  I started looking at drive times and the two Utah parks are about the same distance between Salt Lake City and the Grand Canyon.  But hitting The Four Corners adds 4 hours to the trip (I thought it was 2… yeah, 2 each way!)

Ok, this all started because Arches doesn’t have a campground with utilities… And Zion has about 90 sites with electricity.

So, I started looking into it.  Apparently, we could spend all 6 weeks just along the Continental Divide and still not see everything we want to see.  The photos from all of these parks are just breathtaking, I can’t imagine physically being there.  But what it comes down to is this:

Do we really want to go to the Four Corners Monument? (meh….) If not, does that mean we can do Canyonlands and Arches? I think the biggest downside to the Moab area parks is that there’s only private RV camping. I was really hoping to stay in as many National Parks as possible.

If we head to Zion, we may be able to get Bryce Canyon as well on the shuttle bus. And the boys saw pictures of hiking in the Narrows at Zion, which looked really cool.  Or, if the water’s too fast, we could go tubing in a different part of the river.

Then, there’s the driving.  If we drop Four Corners, the two drives are about the same, but that’s still 6 hours from Salt Lake City and another 4-5 to the Grand Canyon (or is it the other way round…) I’ve been trying to keep the longer trips to a minimum, but this country is so flipping big!


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