DeCruzing Across the USA

I’m lucky enough that my job gives us a 4 week sabbatical after working there for 6 years.  They just started this a few years ago, and we’ve decided to take it in the summer of 2016.  I’m adding a couple of vacation weeks onto it, we’re renting an RV and heading west! The current plan is to make it out to the Badlands, Yellowstone, at least one of the Utah parks, and the Grand Canyon.  Of course, we’re going to hit a few kitschy places along the way, as well as some non-park locations (the Pro Football Hall of Fame being high on the list).
It’s a year out still, so we’re in the planning stages, but I figured I’d might as well start documenting it all now anyway.  Plus, I’m trying out WordPress for the first time too (my previous blogging attempts were on blogger, which I was less than impressed with the photo upload abilities).

I’m hoping to be able to compile some helpful information about how to plan the trip over the next year, because I was really surprised at the lack of resources.  We’ll see!


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